Who We Are

Our Mission

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Kenosha County is a non-profit corporation  501 (c) (3) organized in 1983, and an all volunteer organization working to improve the quality of life through education, support, and advocacy.  We promote recovery and fight stigma associated with mental illness.NAMI Kenosha County is dedicated to improving the quality of lives for those whose lives are affected by mental illness. NAMI Kenosha offers an array of free services including self-help and support groups, educational classes, workshops, trainings, community presentations and advocacy.  These free services draw on the lived experience of individuals who have experienced mental illness in their lives.All of our facilitators are peers for the services they lead.  This means they have lived experience in the area they are facilitating.  They understand what is being discussed in the groups they facilitate and/or the classes they teach.As part of our resources, we offer several programs, newsletters, community information and local and national website links.NAMI Kenosha County offers programs to help educate the public and reduce stigma about mental health issues.We hope that you will join us for one of the many opportunities we offer.  You will find support in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding of what you confront when you, or someone you love, has a mental illness.  We understand, because we have experienced it ourselves and joyfully share what we have learned with you.With NAMI, you are not alone.

Board of Directors


Sabrina Northern

Vice President

Walter Stern


Dick Guenther


Mark Jaros​

Members at Large

Jason Free
Viola Howell
Gretchen Koehler-Swaney
Jack Rose
Robin Rupp
Christina Rinaldi
Amy Keoppel
Ginger Helgeson